Don’t hestitate to contact me, if you are curious about psychotheraphy, lectures och consultations. Maybe you have questions before you feel ready to make an appointment. I also offer video theraphy.

Helena Löfgren, licensed psychotherapist
Phone +46708- 19 77 77


Löfgrens Analys AB
Tjärhovsgatan 14,
116 21 Stockholm

The reception lies 250 meters from the subway station Medborgarplatsen, at Södermalm. It’s 700 meters from the commuter station Södra station.

Leg. psykoterapeut Helena Löfgren. Foto: Susanne Paulsson

I also offer video theraphy

Not everyone feels comfortable with video, and it’s not apporpriate for every one. We can discuss what is the best solution for you. Read more about video therapy

Leg. psykoterapeut Helena Löfgren erbjuder terapi via video

Information about the Corona virus Covid-19

Protect yourself and others from spread of infection of Covid-19 disease. The best way to protect yourself and others from infection is social distancing. If you feel unwell with cold symptoms, cough or fever, you should try to avoid contact with other people. Please do not come our recpetion.

This applies even if you only feel slightly unwell. It is important that you do not risk infecting others. Stay at home for at least two days after you have recovered.

If you feel well enough we can have our session via video instead.
Read more about Video Theraphy. 

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