I am a licensed psychotherapist and Bachelor of Psychology. Today I work in private practice. Previously I also worked in the County Council at health centers and gained a wide experience.
I have experience in leadership development but my career started as a computer programmer.

I am also interested in the third wave of CBT, which includes mindfulness and self-compassion. Research shows that these methods help peopel to better cope with cronic pain and and cricis, like divorce. I practice these methods and medical yoga as a way to take care om myself.

Leg. psykoterapeut Helena Löfgren. Foto: Susanne Paulsson

Qualifications and Training in psychology and psychotherapy

I stay updated by regularly reading books and journals, consulting colleagues and attending seminars/webinars. I cover CBT, cults and adjacent fields like radicalization and conspiracy myths. A few examples:

Jag är medlem i två intresseföreningar för KBT: SFKBT – Svenska Föreningen för kognitiva och beteendeinriktade terapier och BTF – Beteendeterapeutiska Föreningen. 
Jag är också medlem i ICSA (International Cultic Studies Association).

My story

I started my career as a computer programmer, but later changed track completely and studied psychology at Stockholm University. After graduation I worked for some time as a research assistant in the project “Leadership and employee health” at Stockholm University. This led to work in leadership development as a licensed Farax consultant. In parallel I freelanced as a lecturer. In 2002 my husband and I started Löfgren Analys AB, where I continued to lecture and after completing basic training in CBT. I have worked for seven years in the County Council at various health centers as psychotherist. Today I work in private practice. 

The reason I started to study psychology is because of my experiences of undue influence. 1990 I left my job as a computer programmer to travel around the world. In the United States I met nice people who pretended to be a student group. In reality they were a part of the Unification Church (known as the Moonies). I was invited to their “camp” to meet other young people, hear lectures and discuss different topcis.

In a few overhelming months, I was transformed into a religious fanatic who no longer possessed the ability to think critically about the group. Undue influence had made me afraid of my own thoughts and I had become my own worst enemy, an obedient heavenly soldier. After two years, my family arranged an involuntary deprogramming. After rehabilitation, therapy and support, I began to study psychology at Stockholm University. Over the  last 20 years I have committed myself in different ways to help people with similar experiences:

  • voluntary work in the Foundation FRI 
  • co-author of two books on sectarianism: Manipulation in progress and Cultillness. Read more
  • volontary work for SESAM: helping people to cope after being victims undue influence. I was one of the founders and a board member.
  • Organizing a rehabilitation project in Sweden, with staff from Wellspring Retreat and resouce center in the United States organized by FRI and SESAM.
  • participation in the media as an expert on undue influence.
  • Author of several debate articles in Swedish newpapers SvD and Aftonbladet. Read more
  • Masters thesis: From al evil he spares them? –  Institute for Cognitive psychotherapy in 2013. The study was presented at an international conference in 2015 on the theme of Children in High-Control Group. The Conference was organized by ICSA – International Cultic Studies Association (USA), Info-sect / Info-Cult (Canada) and Hjälpkällan (Sweden).

The freedom of thought award

2014 I recieved the Freedom of thought award from the Foundation FRI with the following motivation:

“Helena Löfgren has unique knowledge of manipulation after two years in a cult in the US. This experience and meeting people with similar experiences spurred her to acquire a solid theoretical training to help others. For more than twenty years, Helena Löfgren helped people and worked with questions about social influence, held innumerable lectures and many times participated as an expert in mass media.
Helena Löfgren has filled the gap of knowledge, professional therapists who lack personal experience have .
This work would not be possible without the courage and moral courage and a never ending faith in man’s natural right to be free and independent, choose and think for himself. For this work, Helena Löfgren can not be thanked enough.
Helena Löfgren is therefore assigned the FRI Foundation’s award in 2014 for significant contributions to people’s freedom.”