I give consultations on how to counteract undue influence and manipulation. My clients come to me either as a privat person concerned about someone dear or they come to me in their professional role in schools, mental health care, social services, the church, the police, the judiciary or as a journalist.

The problem is the lack of informed concent

We have freedom of thought and freedom of religion. People are allowed to belive in what they want, even bizarre things. The imporant question is wether the person changed throught free informed choises or was manipulated.

Common questions

How do you avoid the most common mistakes, and create conditions for a dialogue where the person can be encouraged to think for himself?
What to consider when it comes to rehabilitation?
What are the risk factors for abuse of power and recruitment methods? Where is the line between influence and manipulation?

It can be about religious freedom versus human rights, how symptoms in vulnerable people manifest themselves. Other issues can be rehabilitation methods, what you can and should not do in your profession.

You are particularly vulnerable to influence when you are young, but also as an adult during periods of adjustment, like when you start a new job, take courses with new people, after a divorce or the death of a relative, you are extra vulnerable.

Where can you be at risk for undue influence

There are no contexts that are vaccinated against corruption. A leader who gains more and more power, seems to have the only truth and sees himself as the chosen one. Those in the group who say no to the leader are discreetly silenced or thrown out.

Over the years I have met groups based on spirituality in various forms, personal development, alternative therapies, yoga, pyramid schemes, politics or basically anything.

Sometimes it can be a more informal context such as a destructive relationship or an entire family where parental alienation takes place.

Private consultations

When we make our first appointment, I will send you a set of worksheets. You fill them out to gather your thoughts and determine if it really is a situation of undue influence. I recommend a double session of 90 minutes to make an assessment of the context. Any subsequent meetings are booked based on your needs.

Video meetings

As long as the Swedish Public Health Agency recommends those who can to work from home, I only offer consultations via video.

If you do not live in Stockholm, or can not go to the reception for other reasons may prefer video meetings. You may have cold symptoms or the like that mean you should not have social contacts. Read more about video meetings.

Books, podcasts, documentaries and film about undue influence and cults

Links for more information about undue influence and cults