I am passionate about helping people feel better and spreading knowledge about how we affect each other for better or worse.
Psykoterapimottagning på Tomtebogatan för Helena Löfgren

Psychotherapy / CBT at reception or via video

We can all at some point in our lives suffer from a crisis, worry, or abandonment. It can then be difficult to sort out the thoughts and the emotions can feel overwhelming. Sometimes it can turn into depression or unmanageable anxiety. It is when you feel that you are stuck that it may be appropriate to seek psychotherapy, for example in the form of CBT. Everyday demands and stress can cause you to have trouble sleeping for a long time. Then it may be important to get help with this so that health and mental well-being are not affected.

Psykoterapimottagning på Tomtebogatan för Helena Löfgren


I lecture both on mental health and mental illness and how you can strengthen your resilience to face adversity and increase your well-being. It can be stress management, conflict management, conscious presence or self-compassion.

I also lecture on how we influence each other for good and for bad. Many people want to influence others in their work and private lives, such as managers, marketers, salespeople, politicians, coaches, colleagues, friends and not least parents. But not everyone knows the art of getting what they want within an ethical framework, and sometimes it turns into undue influence and, in the worst case, systematic manipulation. Not least, there are non-serious courses for personal development with methods that can force the natural defenses and can create mental illness.

Knowledge of influence can be used to strengthen one's integrity and freedom as a person, create healthier corporate cultures and for a more democratic society.

Psykoterapimottagning på Tomtebogatan för Helena Löfgren


I do consultations on how to counter undue influence and manipulation.

I am addressing you who, in your profession or privately, meet people who are exposed. You may work in schools, mental health care, social services, the church, the police, the judiciary or as a journalist.

As a private person, you may have a friend or relative that you worry about. It can be about a destructive relationship or a more or less sectarian context.

You get help to map the situation and learn how you can better create a dialogue in different ways to get there.

I’m a licensed psychotherapist and I have Bachelor of Psychology. I work in my private practice. Previously I also worked in the County Council at health centers and gained a wide experience.
I have experience in leadership development but my career started as a computer programmer.

I am also interested in the third wave of CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which includes mindfulness and self-compassion. Research shows that these methods help people to better cope with chronic pain and and crisis, like divorce. I practice these methods and medical yoga as a way to take care om myself.

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