Price and payment from 2018-01

Business client:
Individual psychotheraphy 45 min: 1200 kronor.

Private client:
Individual psychotheraphy 45 min: 1000 kronor.
Couple Theraphy 2125 kronor.
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Psychotherapy is billed at the end of each month.
Cancellation later than 24 hours before booked time is charged

Funding through funds

The Foundation – FRI has A Fund to help former members fron sectarian contexts.  This means a context of undue influence and totalitarian structure. It can be anything from a destructive romantic relationship to a so-called cultic groups. Such a group can be based on religion, personal development, politics, how to become rich or even theraphy. Sometimes it can be a family.

If you need financial help you can make an application at the FRI’s Therapist Fund. Your application should contain your name, address, social security number, a decsription of why you need therapy as well as a treatment plan made by a therapist. Read more on their website   The application is sent to:

Terapifondens ledningsgrupp
Stiftelsen FRI
c/o Rosander
Klingspors väg 4