CBT/ psychotheraphy, lectures and counsultations

Is life overwhelming?  Pychotherapy / cbt can help you cope!

Helena Löfgren, licensed psychohterapist

All people go through different crisis in life, divorce, losing job or the death of someone dear. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, and you might benefit from professional help. If you feel sad and can’t get on with your life or have so much anxiety that it seriosly affect your daily life you may need help. Some people experience life long relationship-problems. CBT may be a way to change.

CBT means Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

I’m a licensed psychotherapist and I have met people with very different histories and problems, often complex ones. To me CBT / psychotherapy is about helping people solve their problems, alleviate their suffering, but also to start a process of development wich continues long after the contact has ended. I have experience of different cultures and I accept english-speaking clients. Learn more about me.


I give lectures about social pshychology and undue influence. I discuss ethical issues, integrity, courage, and how to understand and thus better resist undue influence. These issues affect all of us, in private and professional life. I have given lectures for more than 20 years, as a guest speaker at universities, private companies, for healthcare professionals and for the public.


I help individuals, companies and institutions who need knowledge about psychological issues in general and especially undue influence.

If you have a loved one in a high demand, i.e. a higly manipluative authoritarian group och relationship, you might need professional advice on how to help your loved one make independent decisions. Read more

Licence and memberships

License as psychotherapis issued by The National Board of Health and Welfare, wich is a government agency in Sweden under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.
Member of  Svenska föreningen för kognitiva och beteendeinriktade terapier (sfKBT)
and Beteendeterapeutiska föreningen (BTF)
Member of and listed as resouce at International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA).